We Wanted to Refinance Our House

My husband and I started talking about getting our house refinanced not long ago. We knew that we should have no problem getting it done, and it would really help us out financially. We looked into the process since we had no idea what all we had to do to make this happen. I didn’t want to just walk into the bank and put it all in their hands, because I wanted to maintain as much control as we could. I did a search for Sacramento house appraiser for Sacramento appraisal after reading that this was a necessary part of getting refinanced.

There is not a bank around that will refinance a house without it being appraised. It made sense to me after reading about it. For instance, if the bank gave us a loan for 200,000 dollars to refinance our home and we could not pay it back, they would foreclose. It would not do them much good if the house was only worth 50,000 though, and they would surely lose a lot of money on it. They want to protect themselves too, which is where an appraiser comes into the picture. This person will give a fair market value on what the property is worth so the bank can determine whether it is in their best interest to refinance or not.

Since we would be the ones paying for this appraisal, we knew that we needed to find a company that is inexpensive, fair and quick. We did not want to wait weeks since we had already started making plans, and we also did not want a company that was going to charge us top dollar either. The appraisal company that we hired ended up being all that we wanted, and we were able to get our refinancing because of the great job that he did!

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