The New Location is About to Open

The boss has me out looking to figure out what we are going to provide for door gifts in Singapore. We are going to open up a new location right after the start of the New Year and we are doing everything to make sure that it all goes as smoothly as it is possible. The fact is that we are looking for great word of mouth in the area, because we know how precious that is. If you start out on the wrong foot with the locals, that can be fatal in our line of business. You have to impress the first customers and have them walk out of the door determined to tell all of their friends how awesome you are. Obviously you want to have them go on the social media and brag about your food. It is going to be great if it works the way that we plan for it to work, but you have to pay attention to all of the details too.

We are going to be giving away raffle tickets to paying customers and the winner is going to get a new tablet computer. It is a really nice one and we think that is good enough to get a number of people who would not otherwise want to go through the door. In fact your chances of winning probably will be pretty good, how many people are going to come into the place over the course of the first day. It is going to take a little while to figure out who won, because we will not do the drawing until closing time and we are going to try to give away a lot of other stuff as well. That still has to be worked out in full details before the opening.

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