The Master Bedroom and Bath Are Huge!

Some people think that I have it rough since I am a single father raising a teenage daughter, but I actually think I am really blessed. I know a lot of fathers who are divorced are only able to see their children on a limited basis, but I am able to see my daughter and spend quality time with her on a daily basis. When her mother relinquished custody so she could remarry and start a fresh new life, my daughter and I looked at Hattiesburg MS apartments together.

I wanted her to be involved in every aspect of finding the perfect apartment for the two of us because I figured this was going to be a rough transition for her. It turned out to be exactly what she wanted though, as she later told me that she never did get a lot of love or attention from her mother. I knew she would never be able to say that about me. I definitely wanted a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment because I wanted her to have her own space. We decided that we were going to get one at the Breckenridge Park apartments, and we had several to choose from.

I liked the largest one, since it had much more space. When I told her that I wanted her to have the Master Bedroom and Master Bath, she couldn’t believe it. It runs the entire length of the apartment, and it is much larger than my own room and bathroom. She has a huge walk in closet plus a garden tub, which I knew she would end up using a lot. The living room is nice and big, and there is a separate dining room too right off the kitchen. There is even a large sunroom, and I knew we would probably eat a lot of our meals there too. This is the first time I have felt like I have a home since she was a little girl, and I am loving every minute of it!

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