Starting a Contracting Job in Texas

I certainly can not say that any of this did not work out really well for me. The job that I had was just about ready to go away forever when this old friend of mine from the Army tracked me down. He had to work hard to find me, since I had moved five or six times since the last time he and I had worked together. He told me to get down to Fort Hood for an interview, they wasted no time. He had one of these nice apartments at Stone Oak in San Antonio and he needed a roommate, although he was not that interested in whether or not it was me. Still I just sold my pick up truck and got on a plane down there. It all went perfectly smoothly. I had to go back to pack up my stuff and then I just shipped it down there. I put it all on pallets and had a trucking company send it to me. A lot of it I just left for some of my friends to pick through.

In fact I really can not complain about any of my luck here. I was here about a week when my friend told me that I was going on a double date with him and this girl from a flower shop. That was not something that bothered me. I do not know anyone down here and I had nothing better to do that night. The girl he was dating obviously did not want to be alone with him, but I really found this other girl to be extremely interesting. She was interested when I told her that I worked on avionics and electronics for military vehicles, it turned out that she was a computer programmer of some real skill.

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