Have This Great Hobby Idea

I have been looking for a new hobby for a good long time and I have found one, but it looks like it is going to be a bit more expensive than I would have liked. I spent about a hundred and eighty dollars to buy rc tank from this web page the other day. After I got it this friend of mine and I played with it for a couple of hours and we got this idea, but it would be really complicated to make it work. We were thinking that you should be able to fix it up so that you can play tank on tank combat with the view that you would get as the tank commander. Of course there are different ways that you can fight a tank in real life. In the Second World War they would usually command the tank with their upper body and head protruding through the hatch of the tank. On one hand that gives you a wide range of view, but on the other it means that you can get your head blown off by all those grunts with infantry rifles. Fighting from inside the turret reverses those two dynamics.

We were thinking you would be able to mount something like a Go Pro video camera on top of the tank and put it upon something you could remotely rotate. Then the obvious thing you would want to do is to weaponize the tank, although a real gun would be a very bad idea. A paint ball gun however would let you fire on the enemy tank and enable you to win fights, although it is going to be easy to argue that some hits would count less than others. A tank has different armor thicknesses all around it’s diameter.

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