Good Recruiters Get Any Corporation the People That Are the Best Fit for the Jobs

I used to be personally responsible for hiring every single one of our employees when my wife and I first started this business. She said that I had the knack for choosing the best people for the job. She said she was too willing to give anyone a chance and stopped interviewing after the first few candidates. Now we are so busy with the franchising of our business that the hiring of more corporate personnel was getting very tedious. The worst part was sorting through those who were not a good fit for our company. We hired expert corporate recruiters to help us get only the best candidates to be interviewed.

I used to spend hours in the evenings looking at resumes and trying to read into them to discover some clues about personalities before I would call a candidate for an interview. For executive positions I would ask around in my network for anyone who already knew the person. Plus, there are laws of what you can or cannot do when checking out a potential person for a job. This business was complicated enough. I did not have more time to spend figuring out who to interview and who to pass on in the big pile of resumes I would see each month. We were growing fast and steadily hiring.

The corporate recruiters we use get us the top candidates for the job that also have the personalities we like. I have a friend who is a CEO of another company that is not a competitor. He likes people in his employ that are aggressive and even a little pushy. He can be that way himself. I prefer a much more relaxed mode at work, and I do prefer much more easygoing people. Not lazy but not people who act like they are walking on a razor’s edge all the time. We both use the same recruiters, and we both get the people we like as candidates for the jobs we are hiring for.

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