Fast Service is Always a Great Thing

Boy, when you get one thing fixed in your life, another thing happens. I can only chuckle. There is no sense in getting upset about things that you have no control over. If you let that happen, you can get overwhelmed very quickly. There was a small fire in my apartment building recently. That meant I needed to do some renovation. But then, just days later, one of the AC units went out, and some help for hvac in NYC was next on my schedule.

The fire started thanks to one of my tenants smoking in bed. I had heard that cigarette companies had begun putting a fire retardant chemical in all cigarettes to try to stop that happening. And that is true, but that does not mean that there will never be any issues, as evidenced by what happened in my tenant’s unit. Luckily, the issue only spread to two units, and no one was hurt. They were even able to get their kids and pets out in time, which made me really happy. It would have been horrible if anyone or anything was harmed.

I had spent the week getting a number of contractors to come in and survey the damage and give me price quotes. Not only that, but I had been dealing with my insurance agents as well. Suddenly, it felt hot while sitting in the leasing office, and I realized the AC went out. So, I needed to stop everything and deal with that. That particular unit keeps my office cool, as well as two other apartments. So, this was not something that I could wait on. I needed someone to come in immediately and replace it, so they did that in just half of a day’s time. It was great, and I appreciated the fast service.

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