Company Registration for Home Businesses in Singapore

I recently moved to Singapore with my family due to my husband’s job transfer. I felt isolated being in a new country not knowing anybody. My husband was out working every day while I was in our new home tending to our three children. After a while, the days seemed to run together for me. My husband and I discussed what I could do to occupy my time. I decided to start a home business selling homemade quilts. My only concern was company registration in Singapore for my new business.

Starting a home business in a foreign country was definitely going to be a challenge for me. Making the homemade quilts was going to be the easy part since I have been a seamstress for 17 years. The quilt patterns I use have been handed down from generation to generation in my family. Acquiring quality material for the quilts didn’t seem to be a problem. Everything was falling into place for me. I was so excited to finally be doing something I loved and making some extra money at the same time. The only thing I was unsure about was home based business laws in Singapore. I performed hours of research on starting a business in Singapore. Much to my dismay, I was overwhelmed trying to understand the different laws in a foreign country. Finally, I happened upon a website to help me with company registration. For a very small fee, I could get help with every aspect of starting my new business. This was such a huge relief for me, and I knew that it was the missing piece to my business puzzle. I was able to secure their services, and I was in business in no time. They have helped me not only with my registration but with some accounting needs that I had also. Thanks to this company, I am helping to earn extra money for our family.

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