Cable Gets the Movies First

A lot of my friends watch movies through streaming services, but I don’t because of my Internet service provider. My connection speed isn’t that great, and on top of that, I have to deal with a monthly data cap. If I go over the cap, then I have to pay an extra $10 a month for every 50GB I go over. There are no other providers in my area, so I just avoid watching movies online. Instead, I watch movies through my cable provider. This service lets me watch a lot of free movies on the major movie channels, while also allowing me to rent moves for a few day, or even own them as long as I maintain my subscription to the service.

I prefer to watch movies on my television rather than online anyway, because my laptop screen is only 13 inches, while my television screen is 50 inches. Being hunched over a cramped space like the one on my laptop to watch a movie is not one way that I want to spend my evening. If I had company over, we would have both needed to huddle over the laptop to watch the movie if we used streaming.

Last week, I invited my friends over for a movie watching party. I rented a movie through the cable service, and my friends were surprised to see it. This movie was not available on any streaming service, so they hadn’t seen it yet. That was another benefit for having cable service. There are a lot of movies that make it to cable before they get on the streaming sites, and unless you want to wait to see them, you would be better off having cable. We watched the movie, and after it was done, I rented another one for us to enjoy.

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