Best Rates for Selling Scrap Metal

A guy offered me a couple hundred dollars in order to clean out his property and get all of the junk off of it. I thought it’d be a pretty standard job, and that’d I’d make a reasonable amount of money for the effort put into it. But it turns out that guy had a ton of good scrap metal and so I am going to make way more than I had expected. I am excited and I am looking at scrap metal prices right now, trying to find the place nearby that has the highest rates for buying scrap metal. I want to make as much money as possible, so I will be willing to drive a little further to sell it, if it means that I will get a significantly better price for the metal I am going to sell.

I am not really sure how much money all of this is going to be worth together, because I haven’t weighed it, and of course, scrap metal is bought by the weight of the metal you sell usually. Of course there are some exceptions to that, such as appliances can be purchased based on quantity sometimes, or electrical and computer hardware as well I think, but I have never sold any of that stuff.

I am kind of curious to know how much scrap I have all together, but I am not going to try to figure out how to weigh it on my own, and in spite of my curiosity, I am just going to wait until I actually sell it to find out how much I had. I am sure it will be a pretty good payday for me, and I should do this type of job more often, though I am sure it won’t likely pay off like this very often.

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