Apartment is Better Than Our Rented House

We were living in a small house we rented. We did not get along with the landlord. We always needed some things fixed, and he was always slow getting it done, if at all. Some things I did myself at our expense. I always was against moving into an apartment. At least with a house, we had more privacy. Or so I thought anyway. Our house was really close to others on the street. Sometimes I could hear the neighbor's TV blaring when I was trying to sleep for third shift work. My wife had me look at parkatbouldercreek.com to see how I liked how the apartments looked. I was against moving into an apartment, but she asked me to just go and take a look with her.

Our lease was already expired. We were staying month to month. The landlord was just happy to have someone paying the rent who was no trouble. I went with my wife to look at the apartments, and I was really surprised at how nice they are. My bias against apartments came from having to live with my grandmother for a couple of years as a kid in a rundown area. I guess I could not get those images and memories out of my head. These apartments were really nice. I really liked the on-site fitness center, and they have a really nice swimming pool too. The parking is ample, even for guests you might entertain from time to time. There is also a nice playground for our little one.

Our visit was during a weekday, so I asked if we could come back for another showing the next evening. It would be Saturday evening. I wanted to get a sense of the noise level during the weekend when a lot more people are home. It was quieter than where we lived! We left our house with a bunch of noise going on all around us and were pleasantly surprised at how quiet it was at the apartment. I was actually worried then that we would end up being the noisy neighbors nobody would like. It is a nice place and we put down a rent deposit and will be signing a lease shortly.

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